What Makes Canada a Must-Visit Education Destination for Indian Students?

A news report on ET reveals a total of 50% rise in Canadian citizenship for Indians in the year 2018. Close to 15,000-odd Indians obtained citizenship in Canada who have stayed there for the specified duration as permanent address.

Rise in Canadian citizenship for Indians

Source: ET

What does the above figure state?

This reveals increasing importance of Canada as a much sought-after destination for Indians. In the context of Indian students dreaming to study in Canada, it goes without saying that the country attracts them for more than one reason, such as:

  • State-of-the-art academic learning model.
  • Diverse teaching materials.
  • Multiple academic options from global education centers.
  • Top colleges and universities catering unbeatable facilities for students under friendly academic environments.

Now this boils down to one crucial point of understanding as to Canadian education draws attention of Indian students because they are deservingly praiseworthy based on the contemporary of everything that their education model follows.

If you are an Indian student looking for an education destination of your dream, following are top reasons stating why Canada should be your academic priority for the same.

Reasons pointing Canada a must-visit education destination for Indian students:

Immersive experience to a “new” of everything

When an Indian student visits a foreign country, he/she comes to the exposure of NEW of everything they get to experience during their visit. Be it culture of the country and environment. Same is with Canada wherein an Indian student gets to learn about new culture, environment and modernity of the country together with how it stands in terms of education and learning models for students, both for citizens and foreigners.

Unique education system

The education system of Canada compared to its American counterpart holds significant academic influences in plethora of country’s public and private universities and Liberal Arts colleges. Differentiators of these education systems are their individual management system and higher learning platforms each of them offers to the students. The education systems are unique because students get to choose an academic institute that is more relatable and pertinent to their budget and preference.

Manageable costs of education

Like every student dreaming for education abroad, the cost factor is an inevitable consideration. Many students immediately get buffeted by questions like “What if education costs in Canada are more than my budget? Can I afford tuition fees and other costs involved while studying in Canada?” and so on.

The point is cost of education there in Canada may revolve around CAD 10,000–40,000 per year for a student. The costs may vary depending on your chosen location and accommodation of your preference. In addition, consideration about traveling expenses and other sundry outgoes may also add up the cost of your education in the country.

Though above statement may sound like studying in Canada may burn a big hole in your pocket, but this is not the case. If your education goal is backed by necessary financial aid such as the one provided by a reputable overseas consultant, it can very much help you materialize your dream education in Canada without a hitch.

In addition, plenty of top education centers in Canada offer scholarships you can apply for. Scholarship opportunities being adequate are one of the reasons many students get fully assisted in studying Canada’s top universities. For instance, Canadian commonwealth scholarship program and similar scholarship granting centers, including Canadian information center for international credentials could be more useful for students to get assisted in completing their education in Canada.

Another unique way to self-fund your education cost while studying in Canada is to get a part-time job in the country during university semesters, and get a full time job during summer holidays or similar breaks.

Other forms of financial aid to be obtainable by Indian students studying in Canada are grants, tuition waver, and bursaries etc. subject to variance depending on the type of institute and program chosen.

Simplified Visa process

According to Indian Express, Canada has relaxed visa processes for Indian students, enabling them to visit the country easily, as they will not have to wade through time-consuming and complex visa processing times, paper works etc. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) said the move was to enable global students from India and other countries to obtain quality education in Canada.

The move certainly comes as a great sigh of relief to the Indian students wondering if they could ever set their feet in Canada for studying in one of its top universities.

Other reasons to choose Canada for your dream education destination:

  • There is an increased likelihood of getting a job in Canada post completion of your graduation from a university or a college in the country.
  • With academic degrees earned from one of the top institutes in Canada can underscore employability factor of your personality, enticing many potential employers from around the globe to hire you.
  • During your academic pursuit, your marketable skills will be developed enabling you to be more efficient and qualifying workforce for a variety of career-rewarding opportunities.
  • Safe and friendly environment in Canada ensures quality of life and living there for immigrant students. The country is least prone to natural disasters as well.
  • Being home to French and English languages, Canada offers immigrant students to hone their language-speaking skill in these two languages. This, in turn, will increase your communication skill, a must-have skill set to strike a chord in competitive job environments.

Sounds exciting to study in Canada? Why not? With a plethora of education opportunities in top universities and colleges, plus friendly culture and opportunity to learn many new things including languages, Canada is surely a must-visit education destination for Indian students.

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