It may be small, but in the realms of higher education and research, Singapore is a big hitter. A whole series of global reports have recognized Singapore as a world leader in research and innovation over the past few decades. It’s been ranked seventh in the 2015 INSEAD Global Innovation Index, and second in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report for 2014-15. Inside this context of worldwide competitiveness and modernization, universities in Singapore are also gaining rising recognition, as Asian nations more generally build up their position in the global education market.

Why study in Singapore

  • 1. Tuition fees and living expenses are fairly lower when compared with other countries abroad.
  • 2. English-taught courses are on offer at most of the universities.
  • 3. The country’s strict law enforcement policy and stable political environment provides students a lot of safety.
  • 4. Singapore is very well-connected to the rest of Asia as it has one of the best airports in the region.
  • 5. With good academic performance, chances of securing a job in Singapore are way higher than other countries.
  • 6. Few universities provide courses in partnership with leading American and Australian institutions, which will benefit the students.


Living in Singapore

The living standards are not much high in Singapore compared to other countries like USA, UK, Canada, etc. The actual cost of living will vary depending on your course of study and your individual lifestyle though. Student life is very exciting in Singapore. The accommodation, food, fee, and transport cost fairly low, which helps in leading a comfortable life.

Work opportunities in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most attractive countries for foreigners seeking highly-skilled work. International students with a student pass who are studying for a full-time degree can work up to 16 hours a week while the academic year and full-time at the time of holidays, without having to apply for any additional permission. Local employers are permitted to offer part-time employment to overseas students from local universities.

Study in Europe

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