How Pursuing Gaming Education in Singapore is Career Rewarding & Can Be Eased by Overseas Consultancy?

Growth and consecutive success have given a meteoritic rise to the gaming field for the career seekers in Singapore. Career rewarding opportunities in this rather highly competitive field project both excitement and uncertainty for the individuals wanting to opt for Career in gaming fields. However with best knowledge tools and learning adaptability can the outcome of being successful in gaming be materialized, though such a result is not an overnight achievement, is it?.

career in game design

Students seeking career opportunities in gaming and want to choose Singapore for the same should, first of all, understand what makes this country a popular spot for learning games related techniques and knowhow.

A report concerning consumer based gaming convention called Gamestart Asia is said to have resulted in huge footfalls, with gaming enthusiasts putting on display tons of demos to more than 12000 visitors. The overwhelming response of the visitors at the convention caused subsequently the perception shifts of people holding a conventionally biased view that gaming is the barren land of opportunity.

Besides several distinguished gaming brands in Singapore like Singapore Cyberports Online Gaming Association, the Institute of Technical Education, People’s Association Youth Movement (PAYM), the Cyber Athlete Professional League (CPL), and Wolong Ventures lend their contributions in popularizing gaming in the country through various campus Game Fest organized by them.

The reason Singapore is unstoppable destination rests in the fact that the country is abound with games organizers who branded unique perception about the games exciting the enthusiasts to choose gaming and be successful in it.

What does the said above mean?

Well it means exhibitions and shows have provided a growth exposure to the locally developed games, inspiring people to explore unhindered opportunities for growth in talent nurturing and economic dependability by choosing viable gaming courses providing vital learning tools and techniques for an individual learner.

To cut the long talk short, let’s say awareness campaigns have set the gaming industry in motion in Singapore.

What’s in it for Indian students to learn gaming in Singapore?

For every Indian student to choose an education destination abroad for game learning; what makes it most important decision is to figure out viability of the courses at the institutions dedicated to that purpose are available and if yes, what quality education can they deliver to the learner under affordable education cost?

Singapore is the answer to that quandary of yours.

As said, awareness campaign organized by branded gaming institutes and the resulting huge response galvanized the interests of global students who prefer Singaporean gaming institutions for gaming learning. Most of all, institutions are popular for their top-notch learning experience to the students.

Easy to choose courses and programs of great learning values for aspirants to develop unique knowledge in diverse segments of cutting-edge gaming technology provided at various institutions are the reasons enough as to why Singapore is your best destination for gaming education abroad.

Now questions are:

How to know best Institute to learn gaming in Singapore? What about laws permitting entry of foreign students to Singapore? Will my education cost be funded if I don’t qualify financially?

Let’s bifurcate your questions and answer each one by one, shall we?

Choosing best institute for game learning in Singapore…

Singapore is one of the most popular educational destinations for learning and gaming is one of them. Though choosing one of the best institutions may sound like seeking a needle in haystack but how about getting a magnet and find out the needle? Means, to narrow down your quest for best gaming institute in Singapore, here’s our recommendation for the same. Choose MAGES!

Any reason for choosing MAGES institute?

Well, there are aplenty but let’s just cut the clutter to be more precise, ok?

For starters, MAGES has a track record of excellence substantiated by testimonial feedbacks of those learners who educated themselves in the institute. Feeling doubtful? Visit its website and find out for yourself.

Mages Institute Singapore

Secondly MAGES has infrastructure well-equipped to the core with essentials like industry-experienced lecturers, latest technology based instructions on computer systems and interactive media tools, and handpicked programs like Gametechnology, Game Art, VFX, Motion Graphics Design, and Concept Art, as well as Virtual and Augmented Reality… to amplify your creativity compass, a vital tool to ace in gaming fields.

Trainers at MAGES adopt unique teaching methods with personalized attention to every student to satisfy their learning curiosity and boost their creativity and professional expertise to become more productive and employable for future career in gaming. In addition, an aspirant gets to witness creative and supportive education at the institute that promotes immersive learning experience in its state-of-the art studio. MAGES is comfortably located at the heart of Orchard Road in Singapore’s National Youth Club and reachable by 5-minutes walking from Somerset MRT.

The joy of immersive learning experience knows no bounds when an aspirant gets to witness terrific facilities, such as personalized learning based classrooms, open-concept discussion rooms, and latest software tools for learning and larger classrooms to accommodate large number of students. Moreover, MAGES is affiliated with internationally well-known universities like ABERTAY UNIVERSITY in UK and ACADEMY OF ART UNIVERSITY in USA.

Now let’s address other questions, which are surely as important as choosing the best institute for learning gaming education in Singapore.

Like every country with certain rules and regulation regarding immigration processes for foreign students, Singapore does have its caveat for the same. And the caveat is obviously mandatory for everyone to follow to get there.

For you to be able to get best education in gaming in Singapore without being worried about immigration laws and other hurdles, Overseas Pathway can be your best supporting guide in this context.


First of all, our experienced professionals will support you with all essentials like guidance about admission, exam and visa assistance. With our tie ups with immigration authorities in India, we retain requisite authority to have legal complexities associated with immigration processes streamlined for you. In addition, necessary funds to the deserving students can also be arranged aiming to help them meet their education goals without a hitch. Further, we will help you with an exposure to the cultures and lifestyle of Singapore from our alumni who have been there. This would prove to be a prime catalyst in molding your experience and insight about Singapore, together with getting equipped with necessary skill set to satisfy your education goal in gaming in Singapore’s best institute.

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