6 Reasons Why France Should Be Your Best Option for Higher Education


Do you plan to study in France? There are so many reasons why studying in France is very attractive.

Schools with an excellent reputation, exciting and intellectual student life, and a wealthy and distinctive culture make studying in the globe one of the most common nations.

1. Attractive Education Subsidies for All Students

A substantial proportion of the actual cost of higher education is subsidized by the French government (€ 14,000 per student per year). There is no difference between global learners and French students: the conditions for admission, the degrees awarded, and the appealing tuition rates are identical.

2. Plenty of Work Opportunities

You’re going to be in an excellent situation to graduate from a university program in France. France is home to many of the world’s 500 biggest companies, and its industrial organizations are industry leaders with very remarkable worldwide activities–including Airbus (aerospace); Sanofi (health); Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (luxury goods); and Danone (food).

These firms are partnered by many universities, as well as innovative startups in the nation. In reality, the French firm Deezer is the largest competitor of Spotify in Europe.

That said, France today’s unemployment rate is 9.1% (November 2018). Sales are going strong in the top sectors, such as engineering, IT, computer science, web design.

3.Best Learning Experience in Campus

France used to have an elaborate scheme of degrees and diplomas but is now standardized for degrees in Bachelor, Master’s and PhD. The state funds many schools, but mostly private business schools are owned.

There is also an elite school system called the big schools –which can be compared with graduate schools. This involves some top organizations like Audencia Business School, Central Nantes Management School and IESEG Management School.

If you also prefer to study English while in France, you will also be pleased to learn that colleges in France today are making a more significant effort to offer English-language programs. And with a big proportion of students from all over Europe and overseas, on campus, there is also a lot of diversity. Plus, you can expect lots of student union events.

4. Amazing Off-Campus Life

Also, French students never fail to move around the region. Students have access to many discounts on rail passes and other travel possibilities, just like other European and Schengen countries. As part of your program or internship, you may even get opportunities to travel.

You will also be encircled by testaments of the long history and beautiful heritage of France. For instance, there are more than a thousand museums across the nation. You will also experience paintings by the most prominent painters like Monet, Gauguin and Renoir from hundreds of palaces and medieval towns.

You’ll never be too far away from an exciting modern social life if you get the opportunity to study in or near the capital city of Paris. Paris has everything, and it’s one of the world’s most magnificent capital cities. You can’t miss the Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, Montmartre, the Musée d’Orsay and the hundreds of exhibitions in Versailles.

5. Cost Of Living

The average student in France spends about € 600-800 a month, depending on where you study in France and the type of accommodation. You can expect to pay between € 150-350 if you live in student halls. However, if you are in private apartments, student accommodation in Paris is around € 400 and up to € 800.

Transportation from town to town also differs. There are usually also discounts for students, which amounts to about € 50 a month. Food is also not a big issue. Prices are fantastic for students at a restaurant-u (college restaurants).

6. Work Visa

Another significant advantage of studying in France is that you can obtain a post-study work visa. After finishing a Masters or Higher Education for up to 2 Years, students can work in France.

You can apply for a Permanent Residency Permit and become a French resident after remaining in France for at least 5 Years. You can also take your wife, dependent kids and family to France with you.

France is one of the Countries where you can kick-start your Successful Career and earn suitable honorarium.


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