The United States has been popular amongst students globally for their higher education. This is no surprise because American institutions consistently feature in the top universities in the world. As a student in the USA, it is vital that one is alert of one’s rights and the local laws. All the foremost institutions conduct a student orientation programme, which helps the student acclimatise to life in the USA. Also, most US colleges are very well-equipped with advanced technology and facilities.

Why study in USA?

  • 1. US education is recognized all over the world. 30 of the top 100 best world universities are located in the US.
  • 2. US universities place great significance on diversity, meaning classes will consist of students of all ages, religions, and countries of origin, which will help students in learning new things.
  • 3. All US universities also provide several extra-curricular activities that offer real-world job experience.
  • 4. English is the primary language spoken in the US and all courses are taught in English and so, the students can enhance their skills and become more desirable to the employers.
  • 5. Large research institutions in the US, in particular, provide opportunities for students to work side-by-side with their professors and implement what they are learning in the classroom in the lab or in the workshop.


Living in USA

Students can live in the shared Apartments. Most of the expenses can be met while working on campus Jobs. You are allowed to work only for specific number hours in a week. Students are allowed to work out of campus i.e. internship after nine months of their arrival at the university.

Working opportunities in USA:

Working while studying can be a fantastic opportunity to earn money while in the US, and international students can assume to make at least minimum wage. Though this will not be enough to fund all of your education, but it can definitely help balance the cost.

Study in Europe

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