With a long history of ground-breaking higher education, Europe is the home to many of the world’s oldest and most prestigious universities. European countries, and universities, are of course all very diverse in terms of language, lifestyle, and living costs but incredible when it comes to studying. As Europe is one of the oldest continents, every country is very distinctive, steeped in history, and there is always something modern and stimulating to discern, regardless of the study destination you will pick. Some of the finest countries where you can study in Europe are: Austria, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, etc.

Why Choose Europe?

  • Students pursuing their higher education in Europe have said that studying here has helped them achieve enough adeptness, knowledge and wide-range of experience due to world-class education.
  • 1. European degrees are a great worth for money. The tuition fee is lower and living expenses are very reasonable. International scholarships are widely provided and education is highly valued in all the European countries.
  • 2. You can see cutting-edge laboratories and facilities, innovative research facilities, and also support services for International doctoral candidates.
  • 3. Europeans enjoy either no tuition fees or very affordable fees for higher education programs.
  • 4. Students also have the chance to study in a bilingual program and become fluent in two languages.


Living in Europe

Cost of living is lower in almost every country in Europe. When compared to other countries like UK, USA, Canada, Australia, European living style is different and you need very less money to live quality life. Cost of living in France is roughly equal to other countries in Western Europe like Germany, Belgium, etc. Costs are higher in large cities such as Paris, Lyon and Marseille.

Work while you study

Do you know that some of the universities have provided a life time opportunity for Indian students to work on their space program now those students can claim that they a part of a team which launched 8 satellites into the space. So, working opportunities both on-campus and off-campus are huge for students who are thinking of it.

Study in Europe

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